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Biofendo Powder Sticks – Strawberry Flavor

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Biofendo Powder Sticks (mouth-soluble powder)

It’s Unique formula of high concentration of Colostrum & Vitamin D3 which boosts the body immunity and support the body vitality with the essential vitamins, minerals and growth factors, which comes in palatable mouth soluble powder sticks having a strawberry flavor, Each powder stick has

Colostrum (800 mg with 40% IgG)

is the first form of milk which produced immediately following the delivery of newborn by the mammary glands of mammals, which is full of immunoglobins antibodies, minerals, vitamins and growth factors making it a unique composition which boosts the body immune system defending it from infection and allergic reactions, also its growth factors promotes the muscle healing and body’s growth

Vitamin D (400 IU)

is a group of fat-soluble secosteroids which produced by the body as a response to sun exposure, which also knows as a vitamin is different from other nutrients because it also functions as a hormone, it Keeps the bones strong & healthy, and reduces the risk of flu & the risks of developing preeclampsia in pregnancy, plus a lot of other benefits



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