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Ginoxil Ecofoam & gel Bundle

105.06 SAR 84.05 SAR


Ginoxil ECOFOAM (125 ml)

Daily cleansing foam for ladies’ external intimate use, having a high level of anti-inflammatory and hydrating effects, as it’s structured of 6 natural antiseptic components from Aloe vera, to clean, disinfect, calm and hydrate the intimate females mucosa, which gives the proper prophylaxis from infection and maintaining the normal PH for the intimate female areas

Key ingredients:

Hamamelis virginiana extracts, Aloe barbadensis extract (6 main active antiseptic ingredients), Rosmarinus, Thymus, Lavandula & Sodium Hyaluronate


Ginoxil gel (30 ml)

Vaginal Gel for external use which soothes, calms, hydrates and reduces the skin irritation and burning sensation which happens during the menstrual period due to the use of sanitary napkin or tampons or post waxing for the females’ intimate areas

Key Ingredients:

Zinc gluconate & Taurine Plus sodium Hyaluronate



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